Learn Who Needs Lead Safe Certifications For Contractors

To work safely in a pre-1978 home, apartment building, school or daycare, workers must prove they’re EPA-certified. If a worker violates this rule, there can be legal consequences including large fines from the EPA. Here are the people who need lead safe certifications for contractors. See under schedule/payments for upcoming class dates.

Remodelers, Electricians, Remediation Workers, HVAC Contractors, Painters, Plumbers, Roofers, Gutter Installers, Siding Contractors, Windows Companies and more….

All are required to undergo EPA Certification Training (RRP Renovation Repair and Painting law). The business also needs to apply to be certified and pay the required fee. Epa.gov/getcertified Additionally, the company must employ certified renovators and have non-certified workers trained in lead safety. If the firm isn’t certified, they cannot work in homes that were built pre-1978.


Volunteers who are working in older homes are not required to be certified, yet exposure to leaded materials in pre-1978 homes can be hazardous, lead safe practices should be followed.


Subcontractors need to be Certifed to work in pre-1978 homes, apartments, schools and daycares. They also must be a licensed Firm. A Certified company cannot supervise or provide on-site training for them. A subcontractor has to be 100% liable for their own actions and ensure they follow the necessary rules accordingly.


If you’re engaged in supervising any repair or renovation work or performing the work yourself, you need to be a Certified Renovator and a Certifed Firm.

Do it Yourselfers

If you are working on your own home the law does not require you to be certified. Follow our blog and learn the best ways to protect your family from lead. You can also reach out to us at 816-448-3155 and we can send you a free book giving you the tools you need to renovate your home safely.

Work Safe!