Lead-Based Paint Inspections

Searching for Home Lead Inspections in Kansas City, MO?

Our Lead Inspection Expertise

We can use two different methods for home lead inspections and lead testing. One method is a handheld Thermo Scientific Niton Xlp x-ray fluorescence analyzer and the second method is Paint chip sampling. Both of these methods are approved by the EPA, the State of Missouri and Kansas for Risk Assessors and Inspectors. We also perform Clearance testing which is the laboratory analysis of lead residue which may be left at a work site following renovation activities. The purpose of Clearance testing is to release the work areas as clean after the job has been completed. Give us a call today and we can discuss which method works best for your situation!

Lead Inspection and Risk Assessment

GlyNite Construction Environmental Services offers a wide range of risk assessment and lead inspection services, including:

  • Lead-Based Paint Inspections and Risk Assessments through the use of an XRF (x-ray fluorescence) field testing device, designed for rapid on-site testing and analysis for residential, commercial and industrial properties.
  • Project Design and Compliance Management for Lead-Based Paint (LBP) Abatement and EPA Lead-Safe Renovation, Repair and Painting projects.
  • Post-Abatement and Renovation Visual Inspections and Lead Dust Wipe Clearance Sampling.
  • Develop plans needed to comply with applicable HUD, EPA and the State of Kansas regulations to effectively manage LBP in place.