Learn The Hidden Benefits Of Outsourcing Professional Lead Inspections For Commercial Properties

Property managers and homeowners strive to renovate apartments that will enhance comfort and always safeguard human health. They invest heavily to set up safety measures and adhere to health regulations set by the relevant state agencies. Unfortunately, lead issues are a common phenomenon in building constructed before 1978. The EPA banned lead in residential paints in 1978 because studies showed that people exposed to its deterioration and dust contamination poisoned families as well as workers. It is essential to contact experts to help you inspect your property and address the lead issues once identified. The discussion below outlines the top benefits of setting aside funds for a professional Lead inspection for commercial and residential units.

Protect the Value of Your Property

Properties built before 1978 may contain lead-based paints that pose a significant health risk to everyone, including pets. The Consumer Product Safety Commission banned these paints for residential use in 1978 due to proven health issues. Unfortunately, 34 million homes as well as other units were constructed before the ban, posing significant health hazards. Renovation can cause the release of dust that causes health problems. It is thus prudent to call us, we are licensed Lead Risk Assessors for the States of Missouri and Kansas. We can perform professional checks and testing to safeguard your health and address any contamination issues prior to sale or renovation.

Safeguard Family Health

Exposure to the poisonous dust and particles released during renovation can cause serious health problems. The dust released during such activities can cause brain damage, learning disabilities, nervous system and kidney damage, loss of sex drive or capability, fertility issues, low birth weight, miscarriages, high blood pressure, memory and concentration problems, flu like symptoms and a host of other health issues. It is thus prudent to call GlyNite Construction Environmental Services to inspect your houses prior to renovating if you live in an older unit.

Prevent Liability Issues for General Contractors, Subcontractors, Workers, Landlords

Several regulations and strict laws govern the renovation of properties that have paints that can expose people to poisoning. Remodeling your apartments without observing such compliance standards will hold you liable if anyone in the unit suffers poisoning. This standard is required even if you renovate a house that is empty during the renovation. Post-renovation clean-up needs to meet EPA and HUD standards of cleanliness before a family moves into those properties. Call us today to inspect your properties for lead before any remodeling work commences. As reputable Lead Risk Assessors in Missouri and Kansas, our experts will test and address the issue to avert any health risks As Accredited Trainers for the EPA National and Kansas Certified Renovator Program we can train your workers or subcontractors in lead safety in a one-day Certification class. Teaching them the skills needed to work safely during renovation.

Peace of Mind

Contacting experts to inspect your business complexes or homes before any renovation activities begin, will help you evade legal fines associated with failing to test, be certified or work safely. EPA’s Renovation Repair and Painting Final Rule (40 CFR 745). Also knowing you have protected your family and others makes for a peaceful night’s sleep.