Make Yourself More Marketable With Lead Safe Certifications For Contractors

The dangers of having lead in residential and commercial buildings have long been known. As such, companies and consumers want to hire professionals who can help them avoid the associated risks. One of the best ways to improve your marketability as a professional or as a multi-employee business is by investing in lead safe certification classes for contractors.

Once certified, this is a credential that you can list on your business website or your marketing materials. Even if your prospective clients weren’t in the market for these specific capabilities, they are guaranteed to be impressed by them. At GCE Services, we also offer EPA certification training (RRP renovation repair and painting), and many other forms of learning.

In industries with massive amounts of competition, these credentials can really make your team stand out. Getting certified in services that matter to consumers will give you a competitive edge. In fact, in certain instances, this factor alone could swing hiring decisions in your favor. Over time, you’ll find that the money you invest in ongoing training will ultimately pay for itself.

Courses like these visit all of the most pertinent subjects that will be covered when testing for contractor licenses. Thus, whether you are renewing your license or getting your very first one, you’ll find it infinitely easier to pass your exam. For companies, this additional training is also helpful for ensuring organization-wide compliance with important industry regulations.

As a professional, signing up for our classes to become certified is also a great way to boost your earning potential. After you’ve completed our courses, you can command a higher salary. If you are already employed, you can present your certification to your human resources department for review. If you’re looking for work, you can use the achievements you’ve made to negotiate a more impressive wage. Call us today to find out about our full course schedule or to sign up for training.