Lead Safe Certification In Kansas City MO For Contractors

Individuals who carry out repair, renovation and painting of homes must undertake Lead Safe Certification in Kansas City MO. These classes guide how to work cautiously in pre-1978 buildings to prevent poisoning from paint. Professional and qualified instructors teach our classes. If you complete these course, you qualify to become an EPA-certified contractor.

Why get certified

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set rules to ensure homes meet certified standards. Therefore, it is important to become a certified EPA contractor to ensure that you know how to meet the required guidelines.

Who should get certified?

Contractors like painters, plumbers, handymen, landlords, electricians and window replacement contractors can disturb paint in homes. This is while the contractor is carrying out their job. This can expose people living in the homes to poison. Such contractors should undertake a one-day EPA Certification Training in Missouri. The certificate obtained is valid for five years.

EPA has launched a public campaign to inform consumers about the dangers of hazardous paint. Therefore, most of your clients will likely be looking for someone who is certified to carry out contractor jobs for them in their homes.

The goal of the course

The objective of these classes is to teach individuals cautious work practices while handling hazardous paint. We teach you how to be careful to avoid creating hazards while doing your job. As a contractor, you play a crucial role in preventing exposure to poisonous paint.

Mode of teaching

EPA requires in-person training. A hands-on element is also included. You will have to attend in person for eight hours.

How to register

To register for Lead Safe Training in Missouri, submit the form on our website. Select the most convenient date for the classes. Spaces are limited therefore, the earlier you book the better. Call us for more information.