EPA 5 Year Certification Renovation Repair And Painting

Realestate agents or Flippers are you using contractors to spruce up your pre-1978 home or apartment before you put it on the market? Have the contractors you hire attended the EPA or Kansas Certified 5 year Lead Safe Certification training course? Or have you recently purchased a pre-1978 home or already own one and you are considering repainting or remodeling? Who will you hire? Did you know that EPA requires all contractors to be EPA and or Kansas Certified in lead safety to perform that work? Fines can be up to $43,000.00 for each lead safe violation. This training only takes 8 hours. One day! You want to make sure they will know how to work safe to protect your precious family.

Did you know that according to the EPA up to 37 million older homes built prior to 1978 may contain lead base paint? When disturbing lead base paint by scraping, sanding or performing demolition, lead dust can become airborne which can cause severe health issues for yourself, pets, and your family.

At GlyNite Construction Environmental Services, our experts have over 50 years of experience in the construction industry. We are also licensed lead Risk Assessors in the States of Missouri and Kansas. This means we are trained to assess the hazards of your renovations prior to demolition. We do this by using XRF (X-ray)technology to test for the presence of lead. We test the painted or stained components being disturbed such as stairwells, decks, windows, railings, walls, cabinets, siding, facia boards, and doors, etc. to give you the information you need to perform your tasks in a way to keep your family safe!

Are you a contractor working in residential homes, apartment buildings, daycares or schools constructed before 1978 in Kansas or Missouri? You must have taken the RRP 5 year Individual Certification training and have received your business (firm) certification before working in these properties. Attending our 8 hour EPA Certification Training will keep you EPA compliant for five years. Why turn down contracts for lack of this certification? Fines can be assessed as well as jail time for non-compliance.

As an accredited EPA and Kansas lead safe training firm, our focus is aimed at equipping our learners with tools needed to contain, survey and clean by following environmental regulations. Our course teaches the importance of how to Renovate, Repair, and Paint safely in pre-1978 properties..

What happens when your EPA certification expires? At GlyNite construction environmental services, we provide Certified Renovators with a four hours Refresher course. Our Refresher course required by the EPA (Missouri is under EPA regulations) and the State of Kansas includes learning any new regulations and clean out the brain cobwebs from the last time you underwent training. However, you must take the refresher course before the previous accreditation expires. Training can be done online except for Kansas. Online certification is valid for three years. If you work in Kansas you must have in-house training to receive certification. This four-hour certification is good for 5 years.

Besides training, our experts conduct Lead Inspections and Lead Risk Assessment services across Kansas and Missouri. We conduct post-abatement clearances assuring the work site had been cleaned. We also provide lead Risk Assessments for residential and commercial properties prior to renovations to ascertain hazards and lead base paint exposures. Do you need a plan that meets Missouri and/or Kansas regulations? Call us at 816-448-3155 to get started.