Are You or your Contractor Poisoning your Child?

Lead poisoning occurs when there is a harmful accumulation of lead, (which is a heavy metal) found in the body. This particular metal is incredibly disruptive to the cognitive development of children causing problems in language and learning processes. In the following guide, we look at how to protect your family from lead poisoning and the importance of taking steps to avoid the irreversible damage lead can cause.

Flaking and peeling paint in a pre-1978 property can expose families to its dangers. Little ones that are exposed can quickly start to show signs of illness. For many parents, you may be confused as to why your child is constantly ill or why they are struggling at school.

The most common age group affected by the ingestion of lead is 0 to 6-year-old, although all humans as well as pets can become poisoned. Children are the most at risk because their brains are still developing and they are more likely to put whatever they pick up into their mouths. Kids are often exposed to lead through Renovation, Repair or Painting performed at the home or childcare facility. The dust generated through these methods can create enough of a hazard to poison a child. It is important to protect young ones by having an inspection of your home or school completed by our professional lead paint Risk Assessors prior to disturbance by these methods.

Always remember during a renovation PROPER CONTAINMENT of the areas being disturbed is a priority. WRAPPING COMPONENTS containing lead prior to removal from the containment area is a necessity. CLEANING during the disturbance and after the completion is mandatory.

As a trusted residential and commercial lead paint inspection service we are committed to identifying areas in and around properties that could affect the health of your children. From playgrounds and schools to homes, we have the team, tools, and the experience to detect lead so that you know where it is before a hammer is raised by you or your contractor.

Take our EPA and Kansas lead certification training and you will learn why, where and how to work lead safe. This will help you or your contractor, to protect your family now and into the future!