A Guide To Kansas City RRP Certification

According to the EPA, all companies and persons who work in any form of renovation are required to be certified in lead safety. This would include plumbers, painters, electricians , HVAC, roofers, maintenance individuals, property managed, realtors, and anyone else who works or in a pre-1978 home, school or daycare. The EPA RRP (Renovation Repair and Painting) rule is designed to protect family from lead base paint exposures to families during maintenance or remodeling activities. As Accredited Training providers our certification for EPA (Missouri and 33 other regulated States) as well as Kansas, provides the necessary safety training and skills that are required to safely and effectively work in pre-1978 properties. Businesses and workers must be certified. it is necessary to learn the importance of the EPA requirements which will help your company to be legal and possibly avoid the assessment of high dollar fines for non- compliance. GCE Services can assist.

The Lead Renovation, Repair, and Paint or RRP training course focuses on education, awareness, and practical skills helping workers to understand the rules and how to apply them. Many older properties containing lead require adherence to strict safety standards and procedures during renovations and demolition,. Legally, all businesses and their employees in these sectors must be licensed and trained to work in these homes, daycares and schools.

Our program includes an 8-hour course in which workers receive a dual certificate for EPA and Kansas as per the legal requirements. Once the course is successfully completed, it is valid for five years assisting businesses and their employees to remain compliant to the RRP rule. We can perform your training at our location or yours. With our private classes, our team can travel within 500 miles of Kansas City to perform training for your group.

The purpose of the lead safe certification is to ensure that all families are protected against exposure to lead including the harm of lead poisoning. Contractors working in Kansas have the opportunity to complete our course or take our refresher courses to ensure that they remain knowledgeable in working with lead safely. This includes taking the necessary steps to protect children and protect the environment.

Our training courses are developed to provide contractors and companies with the skills and knowledge needed to perform lead risk assessments. If you are unsure about certification or you require re-certification, it is important to contact our professional team who can assist with such requirements. We are specialized in lead inspections, and paint hazards, and offer the classes that you need to remain compliant.